West Pier, Brighton


The Hall, Bradford on Avon


Kingston Mills, Bradford on Avon


White Leaf film


Gimbal Films showreel. South Hill Solar Farm.


Shorter Video of Evenlode River 2017


Oaklands Farm from above, spring time by Gimbal Films.


Gimbal Films above The River Evenlode, spring time.


GH4 96fps Slo Mo in Thame, Gimbal Films


Dirty Deeds, The ACDC Show. 

Promotional videos for a rock band. The band is a hard hitting and very professional ACDC cover band based in Australia. They needed a short video to get across their live music credentials, with the option of a shorter version (see below), that was produced to email attachment specifications . Shot over two nights and locations. 


The Dirty Deeds, The ACDC Tribute Show.

Shorter version for email attachment.